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Fall 2022                         Bachelor of Business Administration

Undergraduate               Faculty of Business, University of Prince Edward Island

Fall 2022                        Entrepreneurship Major (Includes efforts for student disability accommodations)

Undergraduate              BBA, Faculty of Business, University of Prince Edward Island


2021    VHM 4950     Postgraduate              ONLINE: Starting a Business in Veterinary Medicine

2021    BUS 4680      Undergraduate           ONLINE: Entrepreneurship Behind the Scenes

2021    BUS 3710      Undergraduate           ONLINE: Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Mindset

2020   Workshop       Open                            Starting a Business, UPEI

2020   BUS 3545       Undergraduate           Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

2020   BUS 3710*      Undergraduate           Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Mindset

                                                                          (Hybridized collaboration with Faculty of Engineering)

2020   BUS 4412       Undergraduate            International Entrepreneurship

2020   BUS 4640      Undergraduate            Small Business Management

2019    BUS 7550      Graduate                      Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Environment

2019    VHM 4950     Postgraduate               Starting a Business in Veterinary Medicine

2018    BUS 4680       Undergraduate           Entrepreneurship Behind the Scenes

2018    BUS 3710       Undergraduate           Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

2016    Workshop       Open                           Idea Explosion, U of St Andrews

2015    MN3000         Undergraduate           Strategy: Creative Destruction

2007   Conference     Open                           Launch ’07 Entrepreneurship Conference, SD, USA

2007   Conference     Open                           McGovern Conference, SD, USA

2006   B300                Undergraduate          Entrepreneurial Leadership

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