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About Me.

Matthew is an entrepreneurship professor, award-winning teacher, and has a professional teaching designation: Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He completed his PhD in Entrepreneurship from the University of St Andrews and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Dakota. His primary research interest is in entrepreneurship, specifically in entrepreneurial exits with a focus on micro and small business owners. He has presented papers at international conferences; is active with research on entrepreneurial exits and consulting with micro and small businesses.

Matthew is a fifth-generation entrepreneur, with nearly 20 years experience owning and operating multiple businesses, including experience in coaching and consulting micro and small businesses. Matthew is certified in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, a tool used to assess entrepreneurial thinking for individuals, and groups. These experiences, and engaging with local and international entrepreneurship networks, helps to build further knowledge on the start-up, growth, maturation and exiting stages of entrepreneurship that can help nurture and support business owners in various industries and sizes.

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