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Exit is an important component of the entrepreneurship process that is complex and demands further exploration into uncovering some of its untold aspects. Both the entrepreneurship and exit literatures over the previous decade place a significant focus on the ‘unicorns’ or ‘gazelles’ of entrepreneurship that encompass only a fraction of what entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are. My research moves beyond the quantitative, organisational foundations of the entrepreneurial exit academic literature to draw attention to the ‘average’ entrepreneur that operate under typical resource constraints in micro and small businesses. Qualitative research provides an opportunity to probe further into the entrepreneur’s narrative to better understand whether their emotions impact the exiting process.

Topics explored in the entrepreneurial exit process include:

  • Exit Process Stages

  • Dynamic Decisions

  • Wellbeing

  • Social Networks (Weak and Strong)

  • Socioemotional Wealth

  • Exit Strategy

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